Advertise your company, on the marine industry’s new directory. Marine assist has been designed for boat owners, to quickly and easily find the skills and services they need, near them. Advertise your company straight to them with your own profile, including the services you offer, description, contact details, gallery and much more. Join us as we grow and expand reaching boat owners around the UK.

The next wave, for the British marine industry

The new hub for boat owners to find company’s, and see like minded peoples reviews. Here are some reasons why you should get on board as we grow…

Create you own profile

Create you own company profile, displaying the services you offer, contact details, gallery, website links and social media links. Search our website to see other profiles. You can login and update your profile to keep it up to date.

Direct to your target audience

Boat owners will be using marine assist to find companies when they are in need. We advertise local companies to them, that offer the skills & services they are looking for. This means that when they are searching for a service they can find you.

Advertise for free

Advertise your company for free. Whats not to like, as you will advertise your company for free to thousands of boat owners around the UK.

Accessible anywhere

Marine assist is accessible on all internet devices. This means boat owners are able to find you, whether they are on board there vessel, in unknown waters or in the comfort of there own home.